We Cover Large Range of Household Services in Bangladesh Since 2007. Registration number 107410.

Our Services


House Maid

We provide maid service by our Expert, Trained, Verified maid. We will take liability if anything unwanted happened.



Hire a Aya from us for taking care of your child or old parents who are not capable to take care of himself.


Patient Care

Sometimes you may need to take care of your dearest one after taking home from hospital. We are take care of your patient.



If you are font of tasty food or have not enough time to cook food by yourself then call us to hire a cook.


Office boy

Finding a trusted office boy is too hard now a days. That’s why we are here to help you out.



Expert driver is just a single call away. All of our drivers have driving license and experienced in driving

About Us

In 2007, entrepreneur Atiqur Rahman brought Asha Maid to give busy Bangladesh homeowners a reliable, professional, affordable solution to messy and dirty houses.

Today, there are more than 30000 individual worker Asha Maid cleaning service operating across the Bangladesh. Last year, we performed 20000 cleaning services, 90 percent of which were for repeat customers.

Bangladesh workers are among the most productive in the entire world and have been for decades. Dual-income families are a fixture and so are work weeks and commutes that stretch beyond 40 hours into nights and weekends. Kids have homework, practice, rehearsals, sports meets, and a variety of other activities that require many parents to spend even more time out of the house.

Leading Maid Service Provider for Last 12 Years

Why choose us?



We always try to provide honest and verified maid / worker.Asha Maid hires an employee to take into consideration all the things an employee does.


Instant Maid

When a customer wants to know or is interested in a working person, we send him to our person within a day.This is our commitment to our client.



We are always provide the highest level of service to our customers at low cost. Because all customers want to choose the right person from within their range.

আশা মেইড এজেন্সী
এই প্রতিষ্ঠানে অবসর প্রাপ্ত সেনা সদস্য দ্বারা পরিচালিত ।
বিত্তবানদের আর্থিক সহযোগীতায় পরিচালনা করা হয় ।

Customer testimonials


Great Services. This 5 Star for ” Shilpi Begum ” as well as Asha Maid. She clean our appartment very nicely. I have never seen this kind of service from any maid. I hope Asha Maid will continue this great service by providing well trained maid. All the best Asha Maid.

Hero Alom


Had a great experience with Asha Maid… The maid that came to my house just did magic by cleaning my house… will definately prebook ” Salma Khatun ” in near future…definately it’s a great initiative from Asha Maid… Thank you so much and Best of luck.

Annie Rahman


Such a wonderfull job did by you guys. it’s a very good initiative. Today i called them and after a few moments later they send us a maid. She was ” Jorina Khatun “. She helped me a lot. Next time i will service from Asha Maid for sure…

Shahnaj Shathi

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