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Drive like a pro
Let’s start with the basics – if you’re going to be a delivery driver, you need to know what you’re doing when you get behind the wheel of a car, van or lorry. You’ll spend the vast majority of your working day out on the road and as well as being a good driver, you’ll need to enjoy it too, otherwise you’re likely to find the role quite difficult.

Every delivery driver needs a good driving record and the correct licence for the type of vehicle they’re looking to drive. You also require the physical wellbeing to spend long periods on the road, such as good eyesight and colour vision.

Keeping up concentration
Enjoying being on the road is not enough to be a good delivery driver. You also need to be able to maintain concentration at all times. Delivery drivers are often required to cover large distances and the chances are you’ll be driving for far longer than you would in normal everyday life.

Quality communication
While skill behind the wheel and concentration are vital for delivery drivers, there are other attributes that are necessary too. For instance, you’ll need good communication skills, both written and verbal.

There is a fair deal of paperwork involved in most delivery jobs and drivers are expected to fill out forms and file reports accurately. You’ll also have to liaise with other members of your team and customers on a regular basis.

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24/6 (1st Floor),
Kurmitola School Road
Khilkhet, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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+88 01712 66 22 83

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Driving Skills

  • Merging into traffic
  • Identifying road signs and exits
  • Navigating toll booths
  • Passing and being overtaken
  • Maintaining proper speed
  • Being courteous to others
  • Keeping a safe following distance
  • Driving License

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